Hero DeLano

Hero DeLano, born on the calm shore of Pacific Palisades, now rides the rising tide of life in the “real world.” His beachy, acoustic sound tells upbeat and authentic stories of small victories with real devastating losses. Hero’s music not only captures those intense moments of joy, but also fear, courage, loneliness, and defeat while maintaining a bright message of hope shining on the horizon.


As a producer, Hero extends past the beach to cover the sounds of the city. Experimenting with across genres, he draws from eclectic archetypes in order to discover what’s beyond in order to make what’s new, rather than beneath the ceiling of contemporary pop music. There’s always an uplifting surprise in the expressive quality of his three-dimensional music. Hero firmly believes that music is a team sport and that sharing is part of being creative and will work tirelessly on his arrangements until they meet his standard of perfection.